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What can you do with it?

  • Your clients can book your classes 24/7, without you having to do anything
  • Available anywhere at any time from any tools, you can throw your notebook away
  • Handling bookings and cancellations
  • Managing overbookings: if a classes is fully booked, your client gets put on a waiting list, so the free place will be automatically booked following a cancellation
  • Managing fitness pass
  • Pending issues: nothing will be forgotten, nor will your clients, as the system will send reminders
  • Trainer finder: new clients can find you from the sports people already registered
  • Public timetable: this can be inserted on a website or Facebook page with just a few clicks, through which your clients can make immediate bookings
  • Facebook connection: simple registration even with your Facebook account
  • Timetable copy: you only need to type out your timetable once, and it will be copied week after week
  • Any venue or any kind of class can be entered, and these can be used by any number of clients
  • Offline client: if in the 21st century, you have clients who doesn’t have an internet connection, they can be entered in the system as offline clients
  • Authorisation levels: as a studio, you can allocate different authorisation levels
  • Language selection: English and Hungarian available
  • Help: detailed guidelines, help
  • Data protection: completely safe, GDPR compliant system

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One booking is one unit. We will deduct one unit if a client of yours registered and showed up in your class.

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This plan contains 300 bookings which you can use without time limit.


At the end of the 30 day trial you can choose your plan and pay, you will receive a notification about this.