Smart Calendar for Sport Instructors and Small Health Clubs

Less administration. More costumers. More income.

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Has the following
ever happened to YOU?

Client attendance is in increasing decline

Is the number of clients tapering off, is it difficult to keep them loyal, are they attracted by strong competition?

Difficult to keep them motivated

It is difficult to keep clients motivated, some give up easily, only come once or twice, then disappear.

Income is unpredictable and fluctuating

You find it difficult to estimate the number of people attending your lessons, sometimes there are only two, other times they cannot fit in the room.

Too much administration, too little time for clients

You do a lot of administrative tasks in your spiral notebook or an Excel file, and you are always on your phone.

None of this is your fault.
Until now, there was no suitable tool that could manage all this at an affordable price for a small studio or for an instructor.

There is now a solution for this!

With Spomoco©, you have a tool that will make managing your classes, motivating and keeping clients child’s play, and can even be available for free!


But the Spomoco©
is not just an online registry system connecting instructors and clients...

Why should you like
Spomoco© smart timetable manager?

Because it is a virtual assistant:

Managing bookings and cancelations.
No need for notebooks and constant phone contact.
We expect our business to run smoothly without the need for making constant arrangements. This can be achieved with this system.
It is always available on your and your clients' mobile.

Sending reminders.
You and your client will never forget anything.

Managing passes
Spomoco© will automatically manage passes and you will never lose money on this.
You and the client will be notified when it is time to renew a pass.

Because it is lifestyle software:

Are you a freelance instructor? Do you run classes as a second job? Do you work in a fitness club? Do you have a fitness studio or would you like one?
Not a problem with Spomoco©!

This is lifestyle software even if you are moving, changing fitness activity or fitness clubs.

It helps if you organise your classes on your own or within a sports club or in a team.

If you are organising your classes on your own, you are not tied to one club or one place, it will be no problem to change and you can continue with the system.

Because it is a motivational tool:

You are building a sports community, which is the most important motivator

You can keep your clients motivated to do more sport.

You can share it: with just with a few clicks, you can paste it on your website or on your Facebook site.

You can win new type of clients: more introverted people who are shy in face-to-face communication

And your clients will love it:

Simple, easy-to-use system.

Available 24/7, clients can book or cancel anytime. anywhere.

Clear, straightforward site that is really easy to navigate.

I’ve much more time for my clients.

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