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This is currently a free
beta version of the software.


How long can it be used for free?

What’s the catch?

Very good question.

Of course everybody knows that this isn’t a charity, and sooner or later, it will cost money. How much is also a good question, as nobody wants to use something that will become very pricey at a later date.
It is true that it won’t always be free for everybody to use Spomoco© Smart Calendar Manager in the future.
After the beta programme, there will be subscription packages, where there will be options available free of charge or for a fee.

When creating the software, we considered the following:

  1. It is much cheaper than other studio software.
  2. The price is very competitive when compared with other booking software, but will be able to offer more.
  3. Price is based on use, so if you don't have many bookings (i.e. income, owing to summer, holidays, etc.), then you’re going to pay a lot less for using Spomoco©.
  4. If you don’t have many clients, administration won’t be a problem either. However, if you take a professional and serious approach to your work, then you can continue using it for free without some extra functions.

What is Beta software?

Spomoco© Smart Calendar is beta software. It is safe to use, but may still have a few tiny errors, although this does not compromise its daily operation. We are working on certain functions that have yet to be included in the software, but believe that it is already useful, and could be of great help for your work. These functions will gradually become available after testing. Until then, we are very happy to receive your feedback, to ensure that Spomoco provides you with as much help as possible and makes your work more enjoyable.

No time to waste, it’s risk-free, start now!

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