Spomoco© is a smart
workout schedule
for mobile devices

Paper-free, stress-free fitness application
from freelancers to gym

Has the following ever happened to YOU?

Unpredictable attendance

Unpredictable attendance

Sometimes you have to fight for each of your clients, while other times you have to cancel new ones.

Lots of vacant places

Lots of vacant places

Five people suddenly cancelled your class at the last minute, and you cannot fill their places.

Constant standby

Constant standby

You do a lot of administrative tasks in your checkered notebook or an Excel file, and you are always on your phone.

Not enough exposure

Not enough exposure

In addition, you are registered on social media websites, and you have to manage them as well, but you feel you could get more exposure.

Spomoco© is the SOLUTION for YOU!
And why?

Because it is a virtual assistant:

  • Signing up, Cancellations – your clients will do the hated administration instead of you and they will love it!
  • Pending tasks – you will never forget anything, anymore.
  • Pass management – Spomoco will remind you and your clients to buy new passes, when it is due.

Because it is a career software:

  • Are you a freelancer, or you work in a sport club? Or both? No problem for Spomoco.
  • Spomoco will be good for you, even if you are moving, or you change your gym or sports.
  • You have a dream to open a studio on your own? Or with friends? Spomoco is based on cooperation.

Spomoco Dashboard
Spomoco Dashboard
Spomoco Dashboard

Because it is a motivation tool:

  • Notifications, reminders – Spomoco will notify and remind your clients for you to never miss classes and stay motivated
  • Statistics - you never have to guess any more - see the facts for your business
  • You can share your calendar with 2 clicks in your website or your Facebook page.

And because your clients will love it

  • Simple, reliable and predictable usage.
  • It’s available 24/7. Your clients can book your classes anytime, anywhere. They do not have to wait for you anymore.
  • Spomoco is easy and addictive.

And how can you get it?

Every innovative, ambicious sports instructors can SIGN UP now and TRY our new BETA software starting in July!

During the Open Beta phase you will get all the features for free. After launching the APP there will always be a free version later on.

Now you sign up, and we will send notification to you in July about opening the registration.
Exploit the summer low season to try, test and check out how your customers are welcoming Spomoco©, and receive your clients at the high season of September with a super, new, paper-free, stress-free fitness application!

Registration for free use!