Easy booking for small fitness facilities

Get more time for what matters to you. Forever Free!

A Time-saver, Stress-reliever App — For Instructors' Happiness

Lots of vacant places

Class Booking & Modifications.

Pass administration to your clients. They can schedule, reschedule, cancel in real-time. Convenience for them, relief for you.

Constant standby

Push Notifications & Reminders

The best instructors have the ability to keep their clients motivated. Be a member of this elite club by using strong, automated psychological triggers.

Unpredictable attendance

Overbooking Management & Wait List

Automated wait list brings the ideal number of people to your classes. Make your clients satisfied by assuring no more empty or over-crowded rooms.
They'll just love it!

Not enough exposure

Simple Sharing

Allow your clients to manage their own bookings easily by sharing your schedule on Facebook, Messenger, Skype, or anywhere else with a single click.

Client Boost

Client Boost

Acquiring new clients even when you're sleeping, on a holiday, or having a class? No problem. By registering to an instructor data base, you make it possible for future clients to choose one of your rock star classes without having a contact in person.

Spomoco - Spinning and spinracing instructor

I’ve much more time for my clients!

(Erika Pék, Spinning and spinracing instructor) "I don’t have to constantly be online because of the check-ins and cancellations and spend so much time going through texts and Messenger replies. This way, I can talk more with my clients and have more time to focus on marketing and communication."

Spomoco - Gymstick instructor

Stress-free? Yes!

(Silvia Grof, Gymstick instructor) "🙂 Your system Spomoco© has answered nearly 400 messages instead of me in 2 days. Result: I start to feel better, I'm not stressed, the guests are delighted to be part of the community, and today I had time to talk to my regulars without tapping my phone constantly! This feeling is invaluable for me, thank you Spomoco©

Spomoco - body art instructor

At the beginning, I was a little worried but actually everything works just fine.

(Anna Kaiser, body art instructor) "I was afraid of switching over but everything went easier than I thought it would. Even my older clients who spend less time on internet enjoy using the app. My days are more organised and calmer than ever before. Not only do I enjoy using Spomoco but my clients do as well."

Easy booking for small fitness facilities

Why you’ll love it

  • It’s available 24/7.
  • Your clients can book your classes anytime, anywhere.
  • Hassle-free sign ups and cancellations.
  • Perfect either for freelance instructors or fitness club classes.
  • You have a dream to open a studio on your own? Or with friends? Spomoco is based on cooperation.
  • Share your calendar in two clicks, on your website, your Facebook, or anywhere you want!
  • Spomoco will remind clients when it's time to buy a new class pass.
  • It'll also send reminders so they never miss out on a class they signed up for!
  • Your clients will be more loyal.
  • Takes care of GPDR compliance so you never have to worry.