Smart Calendar for Sport Instructors and Small Health Club

Less administration.
More costumers.
More income.

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Has the following
ever happened to YOU?

Client attendance is in increasing decline

Is the number of clients tapering off, is it difficult to keep them loyal, are they attracted by strong competition?

Income is unpredictable and fluctuating

You find it difficult to estimate the number of people attending your lessons, sometimes there are only two, other times they cannot fit in the room.

Difficult to keep them motivated

It is difficult to keep clients motivated, some give up easily, only come once or twice, then disappear.

Too much administration, too less time for clients

You do a lot of administrative tasks in your spiral notebook or an Excel file, and you are always on your phone.

Spomoco© is a smart calendar

with Spomoco© you have a tool that will make managing your classes, motivating and keeping clients child’s play, and can even be available for free!


is not just an online registry system connecting instructors and clients...

Why else should you like Spomoco© smart timetable manager?

  • It’s available 24/7.
  • Your clients can book your classes anytime, anywhere.
  • Hassle-free sign ups and cancellations.
  • Perfect either for freelance instructors or fitness club classes.
  • You have a dream to open a studio on your own? Or with friends? Spomoco is based on cooperation.
  • Share your calendar in two clicks, on your website, your Facebook, or anywhere you want!
  • Spomoco will remind clients when it's time to buy a new class pass.
  • It'll also send reminders so they never miss out on a class they signed up for!
  • Your clients will be more loyal.
  • Takes care of GPDR compliance so you never have to worry.

Start now, this is a free system

,you only need to pay for the extra functions at a later date!

Get started, it's free!
*Béta software:  Spomoco©  is beta software. It is safe to use, but may still have a few tiny errors, although this does not compromise its daily operation. We are working on certain functions that have yet to be included in the software, but believe that it is already useful, and could be of great help for your work. These functions will gradually become available after testing. Until then, we are very happy to receive your feedback, to ensure that Spomoco provides you with as much help as possible and makes your work more enjoyable. Once the beta programme is complete, subscription packages will be available, and will continue to include a free and a paid version. Billing is based on use and much cheaper than any studio software.